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Director's Message

BRAIN POWER is the brainchild of Mr. Alok Nigam who is a graduate from Delhi University and an MBA from Mumbai has rich experience of over 40 years in the corporate world at various senior positions, travelled to UK and Japan, always had a fire to guide students for selection of right subjects and career. So after retirement from the job Mr. Alok Nigam has followed his passion to guide students. Today, students are following the crowd for selection of subjects and adding degrees aimlessly without any knowledge of their core strengths and the job market.

At BRAIN POWER it is done scientifically through PROVEN ADVANCED IT TECHNOLOGY under use in advanced countries like US, UK, JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA for the last 70 years and has a backing of scientific research of around 200 years, however, still not common in INDIA. At Brain Power for the last few years we are helping students to know themselves on various parameters and help them choose right stream for suitable career.

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To impact the life of students in India by helping them explore their skills/abilities scientifically through a proven and established technology to select the right career and lead a fulfilled life.
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To empower youth to make lifelong responsible and meaningful choices in this dynamic world of work.