Services provided by Brain Power Career and Personality Counselling Co.

At Brain Power, we are not only providing career counselling to students, but also behaviour counselling, relationship counselling for children, counselling adults, professionals, housewives, business men/women and even senior citizens.

Brief details of services being provided by Brain Power:

DMIT Counselling Services:

At Brain Power we do assessments based on proven scientific methodology DMIT (Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test) developed by medical professionals and scientists of developed countries and has research backing of over 200 years with 850 research papers publishedso far. It has an accuracy level of more than 95%. It is a scientific method to analyse the capacity of brain through which we come to know about our strengths, our personality, our IQ Levels etc.

Parenting Counselling Services:

Parenting was always difficult, but with a norm of nuclear family and both parents working it has become more difficult and challenging. Every day we come across many challenging situations with our children. We at Brain Power through our experienced counsellors guide parents through analysis of Parents and children and provide practical tips that help them in parenting. We are unique in such Counselling.

Online / Offline Counselling Services:

Covid has changed the scenario of working and we experience it in everyday life. At Brain Power, before covid we were focussed on offline counselling but during covid due to movement restrictions we developed systems to do it online also with no quality compromise. Our dedicated staff is trained for the same to help counselling seekers from across India. There is no wastage of time and expenditure on travelling to our office. Since this advancement, we are now catering to the needs of clients from all over the country. Some of our clients are from USA and Germany and Uganda as well.

Subject Selection Counselling for School Students:

Right subjects’ selection during higher classes is main confusion of the school students, particularly in 11th class when they must select the right stream to ensure their dream career path. Many times, students select wrong streams based on the friends or parent’s advice resulting in poor performance in higher classes. At Brain Power through our critical analysis and taking help of DMIT we chart complete career path of the children right from 9th std onwards. We are Unique in suggesting three best career choices and two worst career choices to the students which must be avoided in all circumstances. Out of three best choices one can choose any one, keeping other options as standby.

Study Methodology Counselling Services for Students:

These days Kids and School students face a unique problem about their study, they are putting in efforts but it is not converting into marks. Students are working hard and study for long hrs but they fumble in the examination or they forget what they have learnt and the result is poor marks. Your intelligence in the schools is measured by your marks in the examination and if students do not perform well in the exams, they are termed as mediocre, even spending money in coaching or tuition’s does not bring the required results, We, at Brain Power during last 7 years have analysed it deeply and based on analysis suggest practical ways to study and improve their performance.

Personality Counselling Services:

Majority of the problems between parents and children, between husband and wife, with friends, with relations and even in professional life are due to personality clash. We are expert in analyzing it deeply and suggest practical ways for improvement. Solutions if followed religiously bring in overall relaxed atmosphere and improvement in the efficiency and making life better.

Kids Counselling Services:

Kids need different type of understanding and guidance during childhood and early schooling. With a smartphone in every hand and OTT platform in every house, it has become a challenge for the parents. It is more difficult if both the parents are working (from home or office) since they are left with very less time to take care of the children and understand their problems. Our deep analysis about the children and parents helps them in bringing up children better.

College Student Counselling Services:

College students need different kind of counselling as their requirements are different. They now understand the world better and have considerable knowledge about various professions, more so of the profession that attracts them as a preferred career path. Our expert counsellors are trained in guidance to counsel such students for their path ahead, the problems they may encounter after coming out of college and before entering in to professional life. They need special skills for preparing CV, showcasing their achievements, and overcoming their weaknesses. Life becomes very different from education days and we help them understand it better. Guide them for right path and the soft skills they need to be ahead of the competition.

Counselling Services for Professionals:

Professionals are in the job and now have much better knowledge about the profession, the skills they require to be competitive but they seriously lack in soft skills that are important for staying ahead of the competition with their peers. Their behavior with colleagues and seniors may prove to hinder their prospects or they may be feeling stuck in their progress resulting into stressed life at professional and personal front. We counsel them through industry experts for a thoughtful way forward making their life better.

Business Man/Women Counselling Services:

At times even after repeated efforts there are failures in business ventures compelling one to think why despite best efforts there are failures, we analyse it critically and suggest ways to improve upon the approach to help achieve success. We also suggest alternative areas of business through our experts having wide exposure.

Housewives’ Counselling Services:

These days there are number of women who are highly educated and intelligent but confined to home to take care of children as their primary responsibility and once their children grow up and husband usually busy with office responsibilities, they find it difficult and depressing to pass time in house hold activities or on mobile. We analyse them for their inherent abilities and suggest them ways to utilise their time usefully to earn money and move ahead socially. We are unique in providing such services.