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Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)

As you know, the Indian education system focuses more on cramming information in the minds of our children, rather than giving them true knowledge, which they can use to shape a successful career. Our system also overlooks the specific learning needs of each child, who is unique, resulting in intense stress.

Shockingly , above 12,000 students commit suicides in India due to exam related stress. This number is alarming and makes us wonder where our system is going wrong!! As a parent, we need to take an active role in understanding the special potential of your child, and design suitable learning methods around your child’s needs.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) introduced by BRAIN POWER, is a set of assessment systems developed by scientists and medical experts. In 1926, Dr. Harold Cummins coined the term “Dermatoglyphics”– scientific study of skin ridges found on the fingers and palms of human beings. Dr. Cummins achieved world recognition as “Father of Dermatoglyphics”.

Later in 1950, a Candian neurosurgeon , Professor Penfield published a paper – “Cross section diagram of brain in relation with various parts of the body”. In 1980, Professor Roger W. Sparry and his research partner were awarded the Nobel Prize in a related study of function of the right and left brain. Former USSR was using dermatoglyphics as one of the methods to select candidates for the olympic games since 1970, and as it turned out they won 50 gold medals in 1972 and 125 gold medals in 1976. Medical experts have confirmed that fingerprints provide accurate analysis of a person’s inborn talents, learning capacity and innate intelligence. It helps to understand innate characteristics and effective communication mode of the individual. it provides most appropriate learning habits from a young age and improves learning ability from an early age. It helps understand multiple intelligences and potential of the individual, which overall helps you to fully understand yourself and develop for a better and fulfilled life.

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