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Using Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT), a scientifically researched and proven technology being used in the US and other advanced countries for over 100 years. Every individual is different (even twins) and through DMIT we come to know about following parameters with around 93% accuracy.

Learning Sensitivity of our Brain

Brain Power, India’s top Career Counselling and Guidance co. having offices in Pune and Udaipur is offering best educational and behavioral counselling services to all ages be it Kids, a 10th student, a 12th student or a college student.

Since Covid Days, Brain Power has evolved systems and apps to do career counselling and guidance online with a view to help students and professionals across India and abroad, so that there are no limitations for anybody to avail expert advice.

The best way to get career guidance is from expert career counsellors of “Brain Power”, who is in this field since last 7+ years and is dedicated to their profession. Through their honest and sincere efforts they have helped in improving the life of hundreds of youngsters. Through expert advice of Brain Power Career Counselling and Guidance co., students can choose right subjects during their schooling instead of entering wrong streams and repenting whole life.

Remember, that wrong step at this juncture can not be reversed, only way left is to feel sorry and follow the chosen path, whether you like or not. Such situations can be avoided only by timely action and taking advice from expert career counsellor “Brain Power” with the help of  their expert team of counsellors who expertise in counselling and job market exposure.

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To impact the life of students in India by helping them explore their skills/abilities scientifically through a proven and established technology to select the right career and lead a fulfilled life.
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To empower youth to make lifelong responsible and meaningful choices in this dynamic world of work.

Our Core Strengths

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Importance of Career Counselling and Guidance in Udaipur and Pune at Brain Power

Importance of Career Counselling and Guidance was always there but in recent times it has increased many folds due to increase in number of young workable population and jobs scarcity in Pune and Udaipur.

The importance of Career Counselling and Guidance at Brainpower can be summarised as under:

You may not know but your Personality and Behaviour are directly associated with your career choices, your success and satisfaction inthat particular job, which in turn decides your growth and income. We analyse it with more than 95% accuracy.

We love to do what we are capable of and gaining skills in that field makes us expert and valuable. At Brain Power we use international technology to analyse it with accuracy and then help you with our expert advice for the skills that should be added.

Your growth and understanding depends upon your IQ levels, apart from this we also analyse other quotients i.e EQ, AQ and CQ that are being used around the world to assess the capabilities of and individual with accuracy.

Today, students do not know how to study and struggle to cope up with subjects either due to overburden or no knowledge of how to proceed with study. We tell them with proven methodology, tried and tested in advanced countries, how to study. A student not performing well in school also does not perform even after spending lacs of Rs in coaching. We deeply analyse it and suggest practical ways for the same.

Career selection is not based on one thing, we suggest the same accurately after deep study of multiple factors of a student.

We are unique; apart from career choices we provide three career options which are best for them and two that are worst for them so that they don’t fall in to a trap of worst choices.

We are all aware of the prevailing social atmosphere which has maximum impact on the children of 10 to 19 years, social media has multiplied this problem beyond our imagination and the results are before us in our family and neighbour. Through our expert psychological counselling at Brain Power,we deeply analyse it and provide practical solutions. We are Unique.

This is one activity that is given least importance, particularly after the schooling years. But in this tough time, when there is active competition in almost every field of the life an extra-curricular activity can add to your over all quality of life. Any such activity if chosen with care can boost your mood and happiness. We analyse it carefully and scientifically. We are unique.

A confident person can achieve impossible and the 1st stage of gaining confidence is knowing oneself.  Our counselling at Brain Power is based on this fundamental principle and we use our entire expertise for the same.

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Why Career Counselling?

Today most of the students follow the crowd and not their passion; we are more concerned about the marks which also does not get
best decision in your life to carrier Councelling

What Should Be Done?

Today, students are not clear what they want to do, they either follow their friends or the family advice
now choose in after graduation carrier courses

Role of Technology

It is a known fact that we enjoy what we love to do and we must find out the same. but is it really easy to know…… it is not

Counsellor Speak

How Brain Power is different than other Career and Guidance Counsellors in India?

This is the first and most important stage. We at Brain Power Career Counselling and Guidance co are using best available technology of the world developed by great scientists which gives accuracy of more than 93% and the best part is that we are not asking anything from the children, it is all we tell them with our deep study and expert knowledge that surprises the students and parents.

The next important stage is analysing the results and suggest practical solutions for the same, and we with our vast knowledge are experts in that area.

Career Counselling is a noble cause and at Brain Power we are doing it for the betterment of the society. We are not in to business and it is always at the back of our mind.

Is counting no. of Google reviews is enough to decide your choice of selecting the career counselling services in Pune and Udaipur?

We all refer to reviews and comments to access the quality of services provided and to choose weather to go for the same or not. But do we know that it is more important to see the language of the comments instead of just counting the no of comments. We at Brain Power are sure that the quality of comments are far better then other career counselling services providers across Pune and Udaipur. That gives us a lead over other competitors in the field.

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Our ReviewsTestimonials

Naman MishraNaman Mishra
15:07 16 Feb 22
my experience with brain power was excellent as all my doubts were answered and the guidance here is very good
Harshil PatelHarshil Patel
16:37 05 Feb 22
It has been eye opening for me us parents. Really good session, we had with Mr. Alok Nigam. Awesome session delivering skills. Very energetic indeed.
Kapil TolaniKapil Tolani
07:53 05 Jan 22
It was a nice experience, in India I feel every student needs this. Excellent service and very helpful.
Shubhada KShubhada K
15:06 12 Dec 21
Thank you for this information. This is really helpful for this generation kids if they have this facility they should avail.I would recommend all should go through this technology as this is scientific it has the authenticity.Thank you so much
Jyoti MittalJyoti Mittal
15:14 15 Mar 22
Great experience with Brain power councelling session for my son. Thanks Neha and Alok sir for this helpful session.
Rudra MittalRudra Mittal
15:12 15 Mar 22
Great experience with the Brain power career counseling company.They are doing a very good job in Guiding students in selecting best and suitable career.All should get this DMIT done as this is scientifically proven.Thank you for the guidance.
Preesha GandhiPreesha Gandhi
13:59 09 Mar 22
It was wonderful experience talking to Auncle great feeling and feeling soo relieved wow so nice we all should talk with Auncle best for future and and now days want is issue going on taking with Auncle loved it
Ashok ShuklaAshok Shukla
17:46 22 Feb 22
Great experience with the Brain power career counseling company.They are doing a very good job in Guiding students and adults in selecting best and suitable career.All should get this DMIT done as this is scientifically proven.Thank you for the guidance.
Padmini MundePadmini Munde
08:26 29 Jan 22
Thank you for the guidance sir..This will be surely helpful for my daughter.Indeed a great technology to guide students and Adults for their Career selection.

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