Whenever, I go to schools or colleges or institutions to address students my first question to them is what do you want to become after completing your education and to my surprise in 95%+ cases the answer is “Let us see”. My next question to them is “Which profession attracts you most” and their immediate reply is“ an Engineer, a Doctor, a Lawyer and in a few cases an IAS also. On my further inquiry about “What are the qualities required for being successful“ in these professions leave them blank with no answers. Further query about number of seats available in quality Institutions for engineers or MBBS in India has no replies or some vague replies.

Primary responsibility for this awareness lies with parents and the institutions to make their children/students aware about the prevailing scenario of the job markets i.e. existing opportunities and competition. But sadly, it is not so. The parents are equally unaware of the competition and the capabilities of their children. Whatever knowledge is available is so poor that we risk the future of our children with poor preparation for most important aspect of life that is “right carrier selection”. Such knowledge can be expected from schools but they hardly care for the same, their only aim is to get more and more students on their roles and make money.

Marks have lost their value as high percentage of marks is no measure of intelligence that is the reason why every good institute depends upon entrance examination before admitting students like IIT entrance exam, Medical entrance exam, CLAT and other hordes of examinations.

Good Career counselling companies can provide some useful information to the students but such career advisers are generally not available to the students at any level. There is real shortage of good and experienced career counsellors even in the metros. More pathetic condition is in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities like Udaipur where people have not even heard of the word Career Counselling. In such a situation there are every chance of getting cheated by Fake career advisors who have no knowledge of the career guidance.

Even the Top Career Counsellors are not fully aware of the job opportunities of tomorrow. A student of 10th or 12th is likely to enter the job market after 4 to 5 years and the situation at that time is very important for him. This needs lot of study and awareness on the part of a good career counsellor and is the most important advice for any student. Sadly, even the Top Career Counsellors in Udaipur or India do not pay any importance to it and the results are poor quality advice to the students.

Students are advised career choices based on their liking and not by their abilities and the result are clear.
I come across many students who after completing first or second year of engineering courses come to me and inform that they find it not at all interesting and unable to cope with studies and stop going to colleges. The results are well expected, either they leave the course half way or join another course or take up a job that comes their way. To avoid such a situation, we must search for a good career counselling service before taking important decision of life i.e. Career Selection. At Brain Power we take care of these finer issues with our expert/experienced professional career counsellors who have vast knowledge and experience of working in the corporate world.

Alok Nigam
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