Scientists have proved that an individual’s personality and behavior have a great role to play in the personal life and professional success. Through this small article we will explore the importance of personality tests, types of personalities, their general behavior patterns, and the suitable professions. During counselling @BrainPower, we assign special emphasis to this before suggesting suitable careers to the students.

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Why we fail in a profession despite suitable qualification, support and experience? The answer lies in the personality and behavior. Every profession requires a different set of personality traits and behavior patterns to be successful, whereas a clashing personality may result into poor performance and slow professional progress and a dissatisfied individual.

Different scientists notably Dr William M. Marston (1928), a great psychologist and anthropologist researched it in detail for years and published his landmark book “ Emotions of Normal People” and categorized 04 types of personalities i.e. Dominant, Influential, Submissive and Complaint. Later other scientists added names of birds to these different types.

Dominant (Eagle):

  • They are born leaders, high in ego, strong willed, generally bold, independent, aggressive and blunt in behavior. They get motivation by winning and focused in achieving the targets. They can see what others cannot. They are best in motivating and leading.
  • They are not afraid of failure.
  • Suitable Professions: Entrepreneur, Business Manager, Principal etc.

Influential (Peacock):

  • They have magnetic personality, good is convincing, very social and friendly. They are called party people. They love people around them and take best advantage of the same for achieving their goals. They are very enthusiastic and full of energy.
  • Suitable Professions: Marketing Professionals, People Oriented Jobs, Professions that require publicity and show-off.

Compliant (Owl):

  • They are perfectionist, accurate and sensitive, orderly, and generally very cautious. Needs lot of time and information before arriving at the decision. They are always doubtful about the success and wish to take all precautions before the final call.
  • Suitable Professions: Research Scientist, Investment Banker, Auditor, Risk Assessor, Good at content Management, Proof Readers etc

Steady (Dove):

  • They are generally supportive, agreeable, calm, reserved and less enthusiastic. They are good team members.  They are self-contented and support the situation of “As is where is.” They are generally easy to get along and people like them for their adjusting and accommodating nature.
  • Suitable Professions: HR activities, Most suitable for routine jobs, Banking services, Sales people, Social services etc.
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Finding the Personality Type through Personality Tests:

There are various methods to find out one’s personality and  the most popular is a psychometric test. It is a paper/ pencil test in which one must tick the answers for the given question and based on replies, the assessment is done. These tests can be given by a child of more than 12 years.

Following are the common personality tests:

  • MBTI (Myers – Briggs ) – 1962
  • Jung Typology (Carl Jung ) – 1921
  • DISC (William Marston ) – 1928

These are all good and proven tests but the accuracy depends upon the correctness of the answers, which is at times questionable.

Another method to find out the personality type is DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) which is a scientific method using fingerprints analysis. It is an advanced method developed by scientists and psychologists across the world to access the intelligence, personality type and talents of an individual. It has research backing of more than 200 years and with accuracy level of more than 93%. It can be done immediately after the birth, as it is based on the finger prints analysis and is permanent. Finger prints never change.

Hence, to access our personality type and the aligned career paths one must go for such tests and take advice of a good career counsellor @BrainPower, Pune and then have a conscious decision.

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