These days parents are extremely concerned about their children’s poor performance in study despite their hard work, long study hours and best coaching support. Through this article we are going to suggest best suitable ways of study for a student that has been researched and used. We, at Brain Power give special importance for study methodology during our counselling sessions for school students.

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A common problem reported from parents these days is lack of concentration and poor performance of their children even after spending long hours in study. This problem is being addressed by us @Brain Power in depth and detail to analyse a student’s study patterns and suggest practical ways to overcome this problem. The worst thing is that even after spending lot of money at specialized coaching institutions the improvement is only marginal.

Problems and Reasons:

Lack of concentration: Spending long hours on mobile phone and social media activity is the main reason for poor concentration. The researchers have established that long hrs spend on mobile directly effects thinking and concentration capacities. During my counselling sessions @ BrainPower parents and children have accepted spending average 4 to 5 hrs daily on mobile watching videos and being active on social media.  We have mobile in every hand and the worst casualty is study time of the students.

CompetitionThese are the times of competition. We have competition in every sphere of life and it starts as early as school days. There is a competition for marks, competition for getting into well-known college, getting into a well-known course and a reputed company, a pay package, a promotion and what not. We have forced our children in to a complex situation of competition without thinks what is their liking and interests. The enjoyment comes only from winning and then another competition starts. We as a parent are stealing childhood from our children and their real talent. Children now a days are strained beyond imagination which is resulting into poor focus and attention in studies. They are always living in a fear of failure. The pressure from parents and non-achievement of expected results at times is forcing students in taking extreme steps. Kota is a living example. Now even Supreme Court of India has ruled that “Parents are responsible for such actions by the children.”

Noise:These are the times of noise, noise of social media platforms, noise of OTT platforms. And it is the main reason of poor performance of the students. Schooling needs long hrs of study in a peaceful atmosphere, particularly in higher classes and if they spend long hrs on social media we are cutting on our time of study. At times I find children complaining that it is difficult for them to study at home due to disturbed atmosphere. May be sometimes due to TV programmes running at high volumes or else. Parents must pay attention to it. Study is not a joke it requires special efforts and such disturbances are bound to affect the study.

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Lack of physical Activity: During my counselling sessions, I strongly recommend students to actively pursue a physical activity of their choice or an extracurricular activity. As these activities are a good source of relaxation it helps in improving concentration. Everybody wants recognition and the true praise gives a morale boost. Always talking of poor performance is a great demoralizing factor, hence achieving recognition through these activities helps gain confidence and better performance in every field.

Study Methodology: Scientist in the developed countries have researched the study patterns of children and found that there are predominantly three ways how a student learns, it could be Visual, Auditory or Kin-aesthetic. These capabilities are present in every individual in different proportions and if we make use of our strong capability to learn new lessons and prepare for tests we learn faster and our brain retains that information rather quickly.

Visual:These types of students learn easily through their visual abilities. They are more receptive to images. Explanation through pictures and graphs is easier for them to understand. They prefer writing down notes for a later review. Reading is their strength. They prefer to use colored pens to high light the important points.

Auditory:Their listening power is strong, their attention while listening a lecture is quite good and they are likely to remember important points while listening. They further consolidate concepts through discussions. During childhood they can remember easily by speaking aloud.

Kin-aesthetic: They learn well through activity. By doing it themselves. They are the ones who will dismantle a car or machine and then will assemble it by themselves. They walk while learning or reading a book, always on move moving hand, making gestures while talking is their habit.

During the counselling sessions @Brainpower we analyse these habits of the children and suggest what is the best way for study and prepare for the examination. Study patterns for each student is different and one must analyse and suggest best ways.Even the best education counsellors do not pay attention for this important aspect.

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