A common question that comes to the mind of public in India is “What is career counselling” and “we are not aware of any such thing”. Today, through this small blog we are going to answer such questions for the knowledge of parents and students and others who may be interested about the future of their children. This blog by experienced career counsellors will provide quick replies to many such questions that may come to the mind and will prove to be a lamp post in the darkness of confusion.

Career Counselling Pune

What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling helps students and professionals in choosing a right career path suitable for an individual. It helps in taking important career decisions. Today, there are many new age careers that are available but due to limited knowledge about the job market people are not aware of the same. As a result, one chooses a career that is advised by the parents, relatives, and friends.

A career decision that is good for someone else may not be suitable for others. The job of a career counsellor is to analyse and assess the individual through TEST and then carefully suggest most suitable careers choices for students and professionals. It is also important to suggest the careers which are not suitable.

Who needs a Career counselling?

The school students need it most, an unemployed youth,a graduate, or a working professional who is already in the job but feels it is not suitable.

We all need career counselling at different stages of our life for a suitable path and settled life.

School students need it for right subjects’ selection in higher classes, an unemployed need it for upgrading his skill and value, a graduate need it for most suitable jobs, a professional who is working but not satisfied with the job needs it to find out the reasons for the same. Everyone, even housewives, retirees, or even businessman needs it for various reasons.

How Career Assessment is done?

The first stage is to know about the person,his abilities, interests, and talents with accuracy and to find out the same there are various methods that have been developed and researched by the scientists and psychologists around the world. These tests tell us with various degree of accuracy about the person, his personality, abilities, and interests.  Based on these results, an expert career counsellor draws inferences and suggests the suitable career choices to a candidate. Normally, in India people are not aware about these tests and hence taking advice of an expert counsellor is of great help.

How to approach and select a suitable Career Counsellor for advice?

Career Counselling Pune

All said and understood, still the big question remains how to find a suitable career counsellor for advice? And since it is a question of one’s life time decision it attains still more importance.

 Now, we are going to tell how to select the best career counsellor. In advanced countries career counselling services are available in the schools/ colleges to address various issues of the students. But in India the situation is different here there are no counsellors available in the schools and even if the same are available they are for name’s sake and not of much use. Some teachers are assigned this additional responsibility which is of no great help to the students.

A world economic forum report says that 44% of 250 million students in India need career counselling and define it the most important, whereas 93% schools do not have counsellors. As per recent skilling report by Michel & Susan Dell Foundation in India only 1 out of 10 students receive career guidance. As a result, India sees a whopping 77 % drop out at secondary education level. The current student to counsellor ratio in India is 50,000: 1 against the norm of 250: 1 prescribed by the ISCA ( International School Counsellors Association). In such a situation it is more difficult to find out a career counsellor that meets with your expectations.

Important points to be kept in mind before choosing a Career Counsellor:

  • Taking help of Google search for counsellors near your place.
  • Talking to friends for their advice and reference of counsellor.
  • Shortlist them based on their google reviews, go through the language of the reviews and not simply counting the reviews.
  • Ask him about the technology they will be using to assess the personality and strengths and weaknesses and the accuracy level of the same.
  • Further shortlist based on the experience of the counsellor about the job market and experience in the field.
  • Ask the counselling company about the counsellor in details to get a feel of their expertise. Now a days companies hire graduate freshers in psychology to provide counselling. Avoid them.
  • If possible, talk to counsellor directly on phone or in person to assess his knowledge about the subject.
  • It is costly so, finalise after assessment of the counselling charges involved.
  • Ask them about the follow up cost, as you may need repeated sessions after a few years. Ask about the duration of counselling session.

Now you are well informed to finalise the career counsellor. Go ahead… and explore yourself in depth.

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