Most of the students today are confused about subject and career selection, they or their parents have generally no knowledge of the present-day career options available. As a result, they go for age old options like engineering or doctor which have a very high competition for limited number of seats available. The best thing for a student is to be aware about the present and future job market, the skills and abilities required.Without this knowledge even if you are good in education, your chances of grabbing a good job are limited. The best way to be aware about the market trends and have knowledge of factors effecting the job market trends.

As a first stage one must find out his abilities and strengths and his natural interests. To know the same there are proven assessment tools and methods which were developed in western countries after due researches.

In our daily life we come across many examples where even twins are different in their study capacity and habits. Students in a class perform differently, although the teacher of the subject remains same. This makes us think that why it is so. DMIT assessment tool or commonly known as Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test is a scientific way of analyzing the brain of a person and is developed by scientists and doctors with research backing of more than 200 years. In this assessment tool finger prints of person are scanned and analysed to know the factors including strengths of different brain lobes of an individual, IQ, Personality etc. Scientists have established that there is a direct link between finger prints and the brain and through DMIT Test’s accurate assessment we can come to know about various factors important for one’s progress. It has an accuracy level of more than 93%.

Assessments tools to know Strengths, Abilities and Personality:

Psychological Tests:

It is a pencil/paper test and quite common in the corporate world.In these assessment tests certain questions are asked for and one is to answer the same through the options provided. Based on these answers, the assessment is done for various factors including one’s abilities and personality,through which the career preferences are arrived at. These are good tests but accuracy depends upon the correct understanding of the questions and then unbiased answers by the candidate.These assessment tools are generally used for a student of more than 12 years of age and more commonly at the time of selecting a candidate for the job.

DMIT Test:

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence) Test is a research-based method developed by doctors and psychologists in advanced countries to know inborn mental capacities of any person with accuracy and can be done for anybody at any age, this can be done for a child as small as 3 years of the age or as old as 80 years. But sadly, it is still not well known in our country.

This assessment tool is based on Finger Prints analysis and as our finger prints never change this study gives an accurate analysis about the potentials of an individual which has an accuracy level of more than 93%. It is being used across many countries of the world with accuracy, we @ Brain Power, Career and Personality Counselling Co. for students and Professionals are using it with extremely good results and satisfaction of the customers since last 7 years and helping them find suitable paths of their career and personality related issues.(Refer our YouTube Channel @brainpower1823 for review comments).

The accuracy level of DMIT is main reason why @BrainPower we are using this technology, since a wrong analysis can destroy our future and place us in a wrong career path.

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