Whenever, we come across the question of choosing the best career counsellors in Pune for our children or our-self a common question that comes to our mind is how to choose the best career counsellor among the Top career counsellors in Pune. Since it is a life time decision for students and professionals, it attains still more importance. Choosing a right path is no easy choice. Today, through this article we are going to answer such questions for the benefit of all students, professionals,and parents.

Top Career Counsellors in Pune

Top Career Counsellors in Pune:

The first thing that one should analyse is the exact requirement for which one needs an answer from the counsellor.

For Children it could be…

  • Behavior Related Issues
  • Slow learning issues,
  • Attention Deficient issues etc.

For School students it could be…

  • Subject selection Issues for senior classes,
  • Low Marks despite putting in long hrs of study
  • Study Methodology issues etc.

For College Students it could be

  • Subject selection
  • Profession selection for the right career path
  •  Job Market Knowledge
  • Techniques for applying for a job in these competitive times
  • Skills Up-gradation etc.

For Professionals it could be…

  • Professional opportunities for the current job profile
  • Skill advancement information
  • Overseas Opportunities
  • Behavior Related issues
  • Soft skills development etc.

For A housewife it could be…

  • Fruitful utilization of spare time
  • Activities to choose for side income in the spare time.

All these are different requirements and once we have shortlisted our requirement it will be helpful in finalizing the right career counsellor in Pune either through Google search or through Reference that suits our requirements among the career coaches available. Brain Power in Pune is the best among top Career counsellors who cater to students and professionals for a suitable practical and time-tested solutions to these difficult issues with their team of experts and experienced counsellors.

What to look for in the Best Career Counsellors in Pune?

Best Career Counsellors in Pune

A short list is provided in the following lines for points to look for in the available Career Coaches in Pune, their common practices, and the right approach to safe guard your interests.

The most important thing is knowledge of the career coach (Not the name of the company), normally companies boast of no of employees/ counsellors. Your concern should only be the career coach, his/her age/experience and expertise about your specific requirement. Aim is to get an expert advice for a life time decision for choosing a right career path , name of the company hardly matters. Companies hire cheap freshers as counsellors to guide which must be avoided.

Ask about the counsellor allocated in detail, preferably talk to him/her in person before the counselling session to access her knowledge and expertise and the specific answer that you are going to get after the session. It has been seen that even after two/three sessions the main question is still unanswered.

Take care for the same.

Duration of the counselling session is important, there could be multiple questions that will crop up during the session and it takes time to answer. A counselling session of smaller then 30 minutes may leave many unanswered questions. An ideal duration is 60 to 90 minutes with subsequent sessions for further quarries. It should be an interactive session not a class room teaching.

Ask this too in advance.

Charges of the primary counselling session and subsequent sessions must be asked for. It is a costly exercise and one must know the total cost he/she is going to spend. After the counselling session a few tests are asked for with additional cost to arrive the decision. An advance information is a must.

Now you are well informed to finalise the career counsellor. Go ahead… and explore yourself in depth.

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