We all have heard about the IQ test but there are few who really understand the IQ test, what does it mean, how it is conducted, how to prepare for IQ test and what is the use of IQ test for a student. Through this article we shall try to tell all about it for the general awareness and for the students.

IQ Test Pune

We all know that there are some students in a class who are generally good in academics i.e. math, science, and language. They are termed as intelligent and presumed to have higher IQ. They have better academic and cognitive intelligence. In short, it is a measure of how well someone can use information and use it to answer a question.

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When it started:

It is assessed through specially designed assessment tests developed by scientists and psychologists. The early concept about the IQ was given by William Stern (1871-1938), a German Psychologist but the first to develop this test was Alfred Binet (1857-1911), a French Psychologist.

How it is done:

IQ aptitude tests have a set of questions that need to be answered and through these the following abilities are measured

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning

The score of these is then measured to assess the capabilities and suitability for a particular career choice. Apart from IQ there are other intelligence as well which are now a days measured to suggest a suitable career and professional success.

  • EQ (Emotional Quotient)
  • AQ (Adversity Quotient)
  • CQ (Creativity Quotient)

A few years back IQ was the only parameter for assessing capabilities of a student or professional but now scientists have proven that apart from IQ these quotients also needed to be assessed for different career options. A creative field requires a candidate high in CQ, and there are many fields that require higher CQ in comparison to  IQ i.e. Interior Designing, Land scape Designing, Garment Designing etc.

Similarly, a high AQ (Adversity Quotient) is required in case of military personnel, Police Officer, Intelligence personnel etc.

In case of professions that require public interacting, one must have high EQ to become successful i.e. Doctor, Civil Servant, Social service etc.

There are assessment tests designed to measure all these quotients as well. Some of them are paper /pencil tests which can be undertaken after the age of 12 years whereas DMIT (Finger print analysis Test) @ brain power, can be easily undertaken easily even for a child of 3 years. The accuracy level is also very high (normally more than +90%).

IQ Test Pune

Normal Range and Limitations of IQ Test:

IQ level of 70% of the people is between 85-115. The important thing to understand is that IQ does not reflect one’s full potential, abilities, and chances of success. It is a bench mark and the performance is dependent upon the efforts and practice by an individual.

During my counselling sessions @ brainpower I always emphasis that the capacities given need to be harnessed to the maximum to get results. A student with high IQ may not perform as good as a low IQ student with effort and practice.

Practice and study is easier for a high IQ student as compared to low IQ student.

Can we know about the IQ levels without test?

Sure..through logic games, learning new skills, puzzle solving are proven methods to assess one’s IQ.

I strongly recommend these methods @brainpower to children for generating their interest from early age.

Recommended habits @ brainpower for improving IQ levels in children:

  • Play mind games…
  • Read more…
  • Start exercising regularly…
  • Learn new languages …
  • Practice meditation…

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