Alok Nigam
Rtd Sr General Manager ( JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd.)

Around us we find many examples where siblings of a professionally established and successful
parent does not perform so well professionally in spite of all the resources, knowledge and support
at their disposal. One reason that comes to my mind for this maybe they lack the thrust and efforts
required due to not so compelling reason for excelling. However, at the same time there are
examples where same child has excelled in another field of his choice.

This establishes one fact that we are different and made by almighty to excel in different fields.
Money, resource and support work up to one stage but beyond that it is your natural talent that
gives you excellence. We can find many such examples where siblings of poor farmer or labor
cracking civil services exam or reaching such heights of excellence that makes others envy.
So it becomes more pertinent to find out what profession we are made for before going ahead with
following it.

Your personality and behavior and it’s suitability to a career of your choice is one important factor
apart from your natural talents (God Gift) for your professional excellence. Western world has
explored it in depth and used it over years. There are no. of such established tests used frequently in
the corporate and western world at the time of interview and promotion with varied degree of
accuracy. To name a few:

1. MBTI ( Myers and Briggs) – 1962 (Personality Test) 
First published in 1962 after 20 years of research by a mother- daughter team. Most popular
personality test in the world and more than 20 lac people take it every year.

2. Jung Typology ( Carl Gustav Jung) – 1921 
This is world’s most established and well respected test model of personality and behavior.
It categorizes people in to 16 personality types.

3. DISC ( William Marston) – 1928 (Personality Test) 
This is behavior assessment tool based on the theory of psychologist Dr William Mortson

4. RIASEC ( John Holland) – 1919 (For Professional Preferences) 
Based on famous “Theory of work” by John Holland it helps in identifying your career choice

5. AIRRSW ( Davis and Lofquest) -1964 (For identifying work values) 
It identifies work values for and individual, i.e. Achievement, Independence, Recognition,
Relationship, Support and Work conditions.

6. Multiple Intelligence Test (Dr Howard Gardner)-1982 
After 20 years of research first published paper in 1982 , this is a well-established and
commonly used Test the world over. According to which other than “Maths skills” which was
considered to be the sole parameter for individual intelligence, there are 7 intelligences
which are present in an individual in different proportions and are crucial for selection of a
successful career. It is identified through this test.
Hence , using these tests can provide us useful leads for selection of a career which aligns
with our personality, work preferences ,values and Multiple Intelligences and can drop down
our choices for better selection.

Alok Nigam
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