Alok Nigam
Rtd Sr General Manager ( JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd.)

Today, out of multiple confusions before the students, this question remains
always on top. There are instances where in spite of passion and the excellence,
students bow to the pressure of parents and select a profession of their (parent’s)
choice. The result is strained relationship, a bitter atmosphere in the family and
average performance of the child.

We come across number of such cases around us in neighborhood and relations. This is matter to be dealt carefully.

Open diss with children is important here to understand as to how one has
shortlisted a particular passion for taking up as profession, normally, when
we meet or appreciate some successful person we get convinced mentally and
decide to go ahead without going into the difficulties on way to achieve that goal
and any encounter with the same diverts us to another goal.

Parents, on the other side have spent their life and know better about the
prevailing circumstances, difficulties and demands of life and want their children to
opt for a profession that gives them secured income with least risk involved.
The question still remains unanswered.

Today, times have changed, parent’s advice may be based on their experience
about job market which existed 20 to 30 years back, today this is changing and
changing very fast. Over these years many new promising professions have come
up in the market which require really passionate people who can work beyond
time frame of 9Am to 5Pm/5days week. And, the earning is beyond imagination,
we need to explore it.

Knowledge of current and future Job market is a must if one wishes to pursue his passion.

Selecting one profession out of many choices that comes to one’s mind is a real
call. First thing is to identify your strengths, analyzing your personality type is also
important and above all, your financial requirements.

Many of the passions require you to hone yourself for years without much financial
support and if you are financially not strong enough, it is better to find a job first for
financial stability and then make advancements in your passion to develop it as
second professional option. Many have lost their jobs during pandemic and
developing your second profession based on your passion can prove to be a boon
in difficult times.

Alok Nigam
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